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Here at Richard Bett Designs, I offer excellent quality jewellery that is ideal for various occasions and events. Contact me today.

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I'm passionate about well-crafted jewellery. Here at Richard Bett Designs, I can bring your ideas to life, from the initial drawings right through to the final finished product. I'm fully committed to offering you sublime quality rings, and I take great pride in the trust my clients have when it comes to my knowledge, transparency and friendly service.

"Richard Bett made our wedding rings. They are beautifully designed and unique to us. I cannot recommend Richard highly enough as a silver/gold smith and jewellery designer. If you can imagine it, Richard can make it. He is one in a million and his designs are truly incredible".

Richard and Samantha

“It was a great experience to make our own rings and I really can’t understand why anyone would want to buy them from a shop when there is the possibility to make/participate in creating their own original pieces. My only issue now is that I keep having to hide them from Claire as she keeps wanting to wear hers.”

"The two rings Richard has made for me are often admired. Each one encompasses important elements of my life. In each ring Richard has captured the essence of the story I told him. I treasure these rings".

"We first met Richard at Wirksworth festival and his beautiful original work stayed in my mind for long after the show, so when we decided to get married, we got in touch to commission him to make our rings. We were delighted to be offered the chance to go and be part of the making of them, and it remains one of the loveliest experiences. Richard really made the effort to find out who we are, what connects us and came up with the perfect design, which we then made. I say we made. In reality we did some of the tasks, but the transformation of silver and gold into the rings we treasure is thanks to his skill, patience and insight.

We aren’t planning to get divorced any time soon, but if we do, we would both know where to go to get wedding rings for the second Mr and Mrs Beavis! In the meantime, we will continue to ask him to make gifts for our family for significant occasions. I think everyone in the family must have something made by Richard by now, and we have also gained a long-standing friend".

We both had a truly amazing day making our wedding rings with Richard! He was attentive, helpful and so passionate about making the rings we wanted. He listened to our ideas and guided us through the whole process, explaining how and why we needed to complete each step. It really was magical to see the metal turning into a ring under our own fingertips (and hammers)! We will treasure the memories we made together making our wedding rings and are really grateful that Richard was a part of making it happen. The lunch provided was also very unexpected. Thank you Richard!

Sarah and John

Hi Richard, Thank you so much for the wonderful experience we had making my wedding ring. I can’t wait to get to wear my new wedding ring on the 14th June and I just know my Nanny would love it.”


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