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For a range of bespoke engagement and wedding rings, you can count on Richard Bett Wedding Rings.

“I utilise premium materials for rings and jewellery you’ll love”


The cost of precious metals fluctuates from day to day – it’s difficult to give an exact price until you request a quote. Incorporating old jewellery (which I can acid test for its quality) into new wedding rings or engagement rings helps to reduce costs and adds to the sentiment.

Here at Richard Bett Wedding Rings, I charge £200 a day for my work and pour love into each and every custom-made ring I make. Get in touch.

Wedding ring case studies & pricing


This couple came to me knowing what they wanted to achieve. He was an engineer, and she had worked in archaeology. They loved old Roman artefacts, so they wanted the rings to look like they had just been found in an archaeological dig, with all the patina and marks of time on the metal.


Labour: One day working with clients – £200

Design: They knew what they wanted to achieve

Material: The lady provided approximately 15 grams of gold; this was various pieces of gold jewellery from her jewellery box, sufficient for these two wedding rings


This couple came to me with a very clear idea of what they wanted. She was a nurse and he was a graphic designer. The concept for the rings they had designed was that they should be a symbol of care and family and echo one another.


Labour: £200 for one day of work

Design: They came with their own drawings.

Materials: 15 grams of 9ct yellow gold – £360


This client was inspired by rings I had made with symbols and images of the seaside. Her husband-to-be had strong associations with the sea; she wanted themes that would be meaningful to him. She had drawn up her own designs, inspired by mine. She wanted to replicate the textured and varicoloured look of the rings we had made. With my assistance, this was achieved.


Labour: One day working with clients – £200

Material: I supplied 10 grams of sterling silver and odd bits of gold – £50

Design: The lady had done 14 design sheets for the love of her man.


The clients came with drawings of what they hoped to achieve on the day. They also had some experience in jewellery making, and though their designs were quite complex, this helped to ensure that their design was achieved in one day. If you get organised before you come, it is quite amazing what you can achieve! You can leave with your custom-made wedding ring or engagement ring the same day!


Labour: One day working with clients – £200

Material: 15 grams of white 9 ct gold – £380

Design: They came with their own drawings


This couple met each other in Belper, the home of nail-making in the 18th century. The couple had seen that I made rings based on nails, so they asked if they could make their bespoke wedding rings in my workshop.


Labour: One day working with clients – £200

Material: They had a friend who supplied them with some silver.

Design: They had seen the nailed rings that I had made.


This couple’s engagement ring was made in Greece, of 18 ct white gold, which could be damaged by a lower ct gold ring worn with it. Their matching wedding rings therefore also had to be made in 18ct gold. They wanted a contrasting colour to offset the large bold-set diamond ring. They chose a design of a red-gold band on top of a white gold under the ring.


Labour: £200 for one day of work

Material: 20 grams of 18ct red and white gold – £1226

Design: They came with an idea


This couple wanted red gold wedding rings that were of a simple design and with a contemporary edge, but also comfortable to wear. On arrival they examined my stock and found a simple square-sectioned twist ring that they both liked. They chose a slow twist for the man and a more delicate, faster twist for the lady. During the day the design evolved to include a decorative edge and some engraving.


Labour: £200 for one day of work

Material: 17gms of 9 ct red gold to make two different twist rings – £400

Design: They decided on a design on the day, after looking through my stock.


This client came up with the idea that he wanted to make a ring that had a repeat pattern. First, I spent some time experimenting with different twists in silver until he found one that he liked, then I made it in gold and constructed the ring.


Labour: £200 for one day of work

Material: 8 grams of white and red 9 ct gold – £160

Design: He was interested in Celtic knotwork.


This couple had seen my work before. They liked my designs and the way I work. They looked through my stock to get some ideas and they then combined two different design ideas to make near identical rings.


Labour: £200 for one day working with clients

Material: 12 grams of white 9 ct gold. They provided various colours of inherited gold to be melted down – £260

Design: They came with some materials, but with no definite idea


This lady had a 18ct white gold engagement ring. It had been decided that this would be matched with 18ct white gold wedding rings. The couple arrived with some pictures of possible ideas but no final design. They looked through our stock and chose a compromise between two designs.


Labour: £200 for one day working with clients

Material: 18 grams of 18ct white gold – £965

Design: Came on the day with a particular idea of what they wanted.

At the end of one day, you will have your unique and original wedding rings, having paid less than you thought possible.