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Let me design your wedding rings

Here at Richard Bett Wedding Rings, you can make wedding rings that will be treasured for generations.

  • You will be fully involved in the design
  • You’ll be guided throughout and you’ll help make the rings yourselves at my workshop
  • Your rings will be unique to you, reflecting your personalities and love for one another

In our initial phone chat, you can discuss ideas, preferred metals, and potential costs.

If you decide to go ahead, you will spend a day with me in the workshop while I refine the designs and help you make the rings.

Design & making process


The process will begin with a visit to the studio. On the day you visit my studio I’ll draw some designs after discussing what you want. To help this process I will show you examples of patterns and materials from my jewellery stock. Once the design has been settled your rings will be transformed into metal reality! I’m here throughout the entire process to guide you, making the process richly rewarding and guaranteeing your ideas become a reality. With over 40 years jewellery design and manufacturing experience, you know you’re in safe hands with Richard Bett Wedding Rings in Belper, Derbyshire.

For examples of material costs, see our case studies.

A customised jewellery service tailored to your needs


My design process is simple and there’s no charge if you bring your own creative ideas. Whether you have an idea that you would like to incorporate into the rings or not, I’m always up for a challenge!

If you would like me to design the rings, there is a £100 charge. The design sheets are yours, with no obligation to make the rings.

Looking for bespoke jewellery for your wedding or engagement day?