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Make jewellery out of your forgotten treasures!

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

A silver ring with engraved patterns and a photo of a family provided by the customer.
A silver ring with engraved patterns and a photo of a family

People are given or buy jewellery throughout their lives which they feel they should keep but no longer wear. These may be inherited jewellery or small objects that they treasure for family reasons, family photo or SUCH AS WORKING AS No7 rep, but have very little idea what to do with. Often stored in an attic or a bottom drawer, they are only seen once in a blue moon.

Ideas on using original jewellery by Richard Bett Designs.
Ideas on using original jewellery

Here are examples of what Richard can make with these treasures. He can create unique pieces of jewellery to be worn with great pride and which are also objects of interest and fascination for the wearer and their friends.

Close up on No7 treasured family ring.
No7 treasured family ring

Close up on silver ring.
Close up on silver ring

So in this time of pandemic, if you have had time to tidy and rediscover these forgotten treasures, why not ask Richard, Creator and Maker, to make them into a piece of jewellery you can wear and enjoy...

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