Weathered Wood

The main requirements for this project were firstly that the bride’s ring was to be small, understated as she was not accustomed to wearing jewellery.
The second was that both rings were to be made on a limited budget. The groom’s ring was to be made to match but on a slightly larger scale.


The clients both liked the idea of a natural “organic” feel to the rings.


Richard created a pair of complimentary rings fashioned from silver and coloured golds, but using different techniques for each ring.


The groom’s ring was made using the Japanese art of Mokume-Gane to blend different coloured golds, achieving a wood grain effect. This was finished with a mock mortice & tennant joint, as if made of real wood. The outer band was then fused onto a silver insert.


The outer layer of the bride’s ring was cast in silver using burn out technique of a piece of wood to give the texture of wood grain, and sits around a yellow gold insert.


Mokume "Weathered Wood" Rings

Mokume “Weathered Wood” Rings – third view

Mokume "Weathered Wood" Rings

Mokume “Weathered Wood” Rings

Mokume "Weathered Wood" Rings

Mokume “Weathered Wood” Rings – another view

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