The Process

Most people will agree that wedding rings are rather special, and Richard can make you a ring or pair of rings that you can be sure will become family heirlooms to be treasured for generations.


The bride-and groom-to-be are involved at every step of the design process, and sometimes even more than that – if you’re feeling really adventurous Richard will guide you through the process of making the wedding ring/s yourselves at his workshop.


Each ring is unique and is designed to reflect the personality and interests of the wearer. Many rings incorporate old jewellery that the client has provided, whether melted completely to form the base of the new ring or retaining a part of the pattern or design of the old jewellery within the new. Some clients choose to form a link with their family history by using wedding rings that they have inherited from grandparents as a starting point for their new rings.


How it works:


As the Happy Couple, you contact Richard to arrange a visit to his Lincoln or Belper workshop – you can find his contact details here.


When you get to his workshop he makes you a brew – he might even find some biscuits – before you have an in-depth chat with him about your likes, dislikes, hobbies, where you met and anything else about you that could be worked into the design of the ring(s).


Other considerations would be the materials you’d like the ring(s) to be made of – silver/gold/mixed metals – whether you have old jewellery that you would like to incorporate into the ring(s), dimensions, budget.


Then Richard will put together some design sheets and sketches for your approval. You can look through them at your leisure and decide which aspects of the designs you like, or mention anything that might need a bit of tweaking. At the end of the day you’ll be the one wearing the ring so it’s very important that you’re happy with it.


Once you’ve settled on a design that you’re happy with you can either let Richard transform it into metal reality or, if you prefer, he will guide you through the very rewarding process of making it yourself. Either way you’ll come out with a wedding ring or pair of rings that are completely unique to you, along with the happy memories of being part of the making process.