Richard Bett in Harlech!

Richard Bett in Harlech!

This weekend, Harlech is coming alive with the arrival of the Gwyl Tan a Mor..the Fire and Sea Festival. This will be the third in a series of festivals telling the story of Meirion and the golden torque and promises to be the best yet. Alongside music workshops, lantern making and myth making there will be an art market, and Richard will be there!

Following a visit to Harlech earlier in the year, he has designed and made a suite of jewellery inspired by the castle, the legend and the surrounding landscape. This way of working, immersing himself in interesting places to understand the history and distill the essence of what makes a place unique means that his work, as well as being beautiful, tells a story.


Come along if you can and see what Harlech has added to his collection.




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