The total cost of making a ring with (or having it made by) Richard is made up of three parts: design, materials and labour.




If you come to Richard with an idea in your head, all ready to go, that’s fine and there’s no charge for design.


Sometimes, though, clients either have a hotch potch of ideas that they’d like incorporating into the rings but aren’t sure how, or they have no firm ideas at all and want Richard to come up with something suitable. That’s fine too – Richard loves a challenge!


If you need Richard to produce some designs for your rings the process costs £100, but after that the design sheets are yours and you can take them away with you. You’re not under any obligation to have Richard actually make the rings – he promises not to cry if that’s the case…

For details of the design process go to the Process page




As mentioned on the ring case studies pages, the cost of precious metals fluctuates from day to day – usually up rather than down! – so it’s very difficult to give an exact price until the time you request a quote.


However, one thing that will keep the cost of materials down is being able to recycle metal from old jewellery and incorporate it into the new rings – this also adds to the nostalgia factor.




You’ll be gobsmacked to hear that Richard charges only £20 per hour for his work! Being the free and easy spirit that he is means he doesn’t have many overheads so that enables him to keep his charges low.


You really can’t get better value unique and original wedding rings – or any other kind of jewellery – designed and made to your specification anywhere else!

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