Klimt Rings

Mokume Gane, Wedding Rings
Klimt, Mokume Gane, Wedding Ring
About This Project

An important aspect of these wedding rings was that each of the rings would include a strand of gold taken from a wedding ring that had belonged to the Great Grandmother of the bride.

The clients wanted some simple patterning that would be creative and different without being too fussy. They liked the effect that Richard had created on past pieces by layering very thin sheets of different metals and felt that this technique would lend itself to something in the style of the Art Nouveau artist, Gustav Klimt, whose work they both admired.

The result is a pair of matching rings made from 18ct gold of different colours. The gold has been built up in four very thin layers – one of which is the gold from the bride’s inherited ring – and abraded so that the underlying layers show through in a particular pattern.